Saturday, March 4, 2017

Horoscope reading 12th House according to Lalkitab

Presiding Lord Jupiter and Rahu.
Venus and ketu exalted in this house and Mercury and Rahu debilities in this house.
12th house is the place of final rest according to the deeds or misdeeds of the native.
12th house listens to the appeals of all planets and its own appeal lays with house no 2. This house is the arbitrator of all appeals.

This house refers to expenditure, financial losses, Final hour of death, family happiness, Poetic, Dreams, Pleasure of bed, , happiness from spouse and husband,  bad names, imprisonments, mental agony,  justice, This house refers left eye, , Left shoulder, and left part of sexual organs,

For improvement of the position of 12th house we look to 1st house and its planets. In other words, we can improve house if we can somehow improve the position of planets in Ascendant (1st House). If Ascendant (1st House) is vacant we should go to 2nd house for improvement.

12th house give strength from 3rd house even though the planets in 3rd house are enemies of the planets in the 12th house. let us assume that Ketu occupies 3rd house and Mars is posited in 12th house. Mars is an enemy of Ketu but in emergencies Mars will always help Ketu despite his enmity

 Rahu and Venus in 12th house normally being about the death of the partner - wife or husband - in 24/25th year of the native. If Saturn occupies the 3rd house simultaneously Rahu will not be able to play his mischief. Saturn will help Venus

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