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Horoscope reading 7th House according to Lalkitab

House No. 7 is known for the family affairs, where the native has to struggle hard for fulfilling his material wants of bread, clothing the housing etc. It has been apply described by Lal Kitab in the following words.

Mercury is sky and Venus is earth and they give combined effects in 7th house as the potter’s wheels, conferring all benefits.

Mercury is the touchstone of intelligence and Venus is art and craft. joint effects making the mud pot. Venus and Mercury together becomes Saturn benefic. No shortage of wealth and gains.. Both planets together turning mud into gold.
The native gets ground between the earth and the sky for food . The native sweats himself out in search of his food and clothing etc.'

Seventh House -
  • 1. Presiding Lord Venus
  • 2. Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are exalted whereas Sun in 7th house (except in Leo) is debilitated.
  • 3. Female planets like Venus or Moon, associated with two or more planets its effect will be visible on male planet. 
  • 4. Venus and Mercury because both these planets are the natural significators and Venus is also the lord of the house

For example,
Venus (wife), or Moon (Mother)  associated with male planets, their effect will be felt on Jupiter (father) or Mars (brother) or Sun (self) –whether results are good or bad.
Normally the male planets affect the male relations and the female planets on affliction affect the female ones. In house 7 if the planets are more than two in number only the male relatives are affected. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are the male planets. Moon and Venus are females.

Sun, Moon and Rahu offer the results according to the placement and position of Venus. Bad results due to the position of Venus cannot be improved or mitigated by remedies. In other words these results shall come to pass and the remedies will all go waste. Mercury, Saturn and Ketu shall give their results at various periods. If these results are bad we may try some remedial measures and they shall be set right or improved.

This house give effects on domestic happiness or discord, marriage, spouse (Husband  or wife), extra marital affairs, sexual desires, long tour, Good perfumes, delicious food, soft drinks,passion, marriage, love and marital happiness are the hallmarks of this house.

In physical body urinary troubles, sex organs, mouth, navel, and feet,

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