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Horoscope reading 11th House according to Lalkitab

Presiding lord Jupiter and Saturn
Saturn is the LORD, but Jupiter holds DARBAR here.
Jupiter and Saturn give joint effects in 11th house.

11th house is the house of income, gains, acquisition of gold, luxury items, and fulfillment of desires, field of fate, house, car, left ear, left arm, and self testicles.

11 House is House of income and House no 3 is the house of expenditure.

Exalted Mars in 11th house indicate wealth.

Exalted rahu , ketu Saturn, provided best results in 11th house if there are no planets in 3rd house.

 wicked planets in 11th house become the planets of FATE; debilitated planets in 11 houses bring misery and destruction in life

Note that,
Only wicked planets, if exalted confer best results in this house.

If house no 3 is occupy by Sun, Moon Mars friends of Jupiter then house no 11th gives best results.

House no 3rd aspects house no 11th and if there are planets in 3rd then house no 11 to be awake.

Ketu in this house destroys Moon and rahu destroys Jupiter’s effects. Also Moon and Jupiter in 11th house destroys the effects of ketu and rahu.

Jupiter in 11th house

As long as native lives in joint family and Person father is alive he gets best results
Jupiter gives most malefic effects if person separated from father and loose character

Sun in 11th house  
if exalted make native noble, honest, enjoys for self and children. If native takes meat and wine, he will ruin. Remedy lays refrain from meat and drinking.

Moon in 11th house,
Moon gives abundance of wealth and happiness from children during the life time of mother. If moon is debilitated in this house of food to blind persons.

Exalted Mars in 11th house like a tiger. Desire fulfilled through courage Debilitated mars in 11th house create lot of struggle in life

Venus in 11th house give exalted results if Mars is benefic in horoscope
If Mars is malefic in horoscope and any malefic planets occupying in 3rd house, then Venus makes persons impotent and devoid of wealth.

Mercury in 11th will come out victorious from all obstacles and suffering
Malefic Mercury in 11th house give worst results, Short sightedness

Saturn in 11th, will have the courage to fight against enemies, Man of faith and determination, noble.
Benefic Saturn in 11th make native noble and religious.

Saturn protect him all storms of life.

Malefic Saturn in 11th house may even forsake his children and leave them in lurch when they need him the most.

Rahu in 11th makes native self made rich
Malefic Rahu destroys father’s property and health

Ketu in 11th most exalted regarding income and son If Jupiter or moon in 5th house ketu turned most malefic regarding son and mother.

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