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Basics theory of Lal Kitab

In Lal-Kitab there are too many ways to make Kundali, it can be through your house, from your date of marriage, from birth of your male child etc, there is one more method, where you can not find your date of birth but year will help you a lot in getting remedies for present or future.

The birth chart of an individual is prepared like the traditional Paraashar principles, but the only important difference between traditional vedic astrology and Lalkitab astrology is that the zodiac signs (Rashi's) and Stars (Nakshtras) are considered or taken into account for prediction in Vedic astrology therefore, the digits indicating the Raashi also Nakhashtra play a major role in prediction in Vedic astrology but in Astrology Lalkitab  zodiac signs (Rashi's) and Stars (Nakshtras) are considered scrapped. Planets places in houses malefic or banefic take action for predictive purposes According to Astrology Lalkitab the ascendant is treated as the first house and it is regarded as the house of the first Raashi, ie Aries and counting progressively in a sequence up to the 12th house being that of Pisces.
  • [1] Lalkitab astrology system give importance to analyzed House position in chart rather than Sign (Raashi) position.
  • [2] Therefore the Remedy for a chart are to be done according to the placement of the planets in the house and not in the Sign (Raashi).
  • [3] The Remedy are done only if it is shown that a certain planet is acting malefic. There would be no use of doing an Remedy for a planet which is already behaving like a Benefic.
  • [4] According to Lal Kitab theory, No planet does not consider as inherently malefic or benefic. Each planet can give his benefic or malefic results. Therefore the Remedy depends on the nature of the planet.

Theory Behind Lal-K itab -

There are two types of Remedy in Lalkitab, one is for your birth chart which are permanent in nature, and second one is on the basis of year chart wise (Varsh Phal).

  • (1) Birth chart - there are two types of planets in chart, one for the Planet which results are fixed (Graha Phal ka) like Saturn in 10th house etc. For these types of planet no Upaaya are available in system. You have to live with these planets results.
  • (2) Second the Planets which results are good or bad depends upon Zodiac signs  (Raashi Phal Ka) where it says you can take advantage of benefit of doubts, ie Saturn in 9th house.

Now we have to follow this,

(1) At First try to read the persons Birth chart carefully and find the planets which gives Rashi phal effects. If find that the planet placed in a enemy sign and planets shows malefic effects then  do Remedy (Upaaya) of our birth chart (only for Raashi phal waley),

For example Saturn in 9th, or Sun in 8th. they are the planets for ''RASHIPHAL KA'' .
Because, Jupiter is the lord of 9th house and Saturn give exalted result in Jupiter house like,2nd, 5th, 9th, and 12th, but if 9th house sign (zodiac sign) is enemy for Saturn like Leo or Cancer, then Saturn give here malefic effect, or if you find sun in 8th house also in malefic Sign like Libra, Taurus ,then Sun give here malefic result. For that Lalkitab  suggested remedy,

'' Raat ko choolhey ki aag dhoodh se bujhaaeei jaaye''     or

Burning of copper coin for whole night and next day morning throwing that coin in river etc etc....

These Remedy are for Raashi Phal waley Graha only.

(2) Secondly we should do Upaaya of our Varsh Phal, (year chart).

This the main nerve of system. Say, Sat is in 10th house in birth chart which is Saturn own house (Mooltrikonasthaan) and in 10th house Saturn Always give its own effect,good or bad for that it is called planet 'Graha Phal', means you do not require any Remedy (Upaaya) for this. Know n Varsh Phal Chart, when Saturn comes in house no 8 , then you must be requiring Remedy (Upaaya) to control its bad effects of Saturn. Majority of problems lie in Varsh Phal as it is a temporary factor of one year and 43 days.

There are so many reasons where exalted planets  also start giving malefic results, like if Saturn  is exalted in persons birth chart but persons drinks alcohol, or your Moon is good but you give charity of milk etc or your Sun is in 11th house but the person eats non-veg etc etc. For these type of problem where the star was good but it is giving bad effect due to your activities (Karm).

LalKitab recommend theory of "Pitra Rin". LK says you cannot completely change the effect of your stars either you make your self strong to fight its bad effect or you change your route so you cannot come face to face with problem.

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