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Vaastu Tips to improve your finance, health and happiness.

Vastu can make sweet things sweeter and bitter less bitter. Vastu Shastra, the science of Bhawan Sthapatya Kala, being the applied aspects of ATHARVAVEDA,is an ancient science and one of the eminent features of our heritage.

According to Vedic science, each house has its own energy type. When a  person starts living in a house he comes under the influence of specific energy field. These energies can be adjusted to upgrade peace, prosperity and achievements. 

If a person make his dream house according to these Vastu principles, the person gets  happiness in life, .If it is against vastu principals, it will be a spot for all kind of issues, stresses and no peace.

Vaastu Tips to improve your finance, health and happiness, -
  • 1. Maintain cleanliness in all the rooms as per the Vastu.
  • 2.  Doors and windows should not make noise.
  • 3. Do not keep unused stuff or electrical objects at home.
  • 4. Don’t keep things for a long time which you bought for any pooja or donation.
  • 5. Avoid to keep iron Almirah / cupboards at the bed head side.
  • 6. Do not put any unused or iron object in the bed.
  • 7. Don’t keep the shoe stand at South. Keep in the west with fully covered.
  • 8. Keep the water tank in the north and use it from their only also keep Inverter/Battery/Lamp at south to balance it.
  • 10. Always keep a servant room at east or north which make them loyal & honest.

  • 11. As you wake up in the morning place your feet on a mat or use slipper.
  • 12. If you feel suddenly income block in your house then do the painting of whole house.
  • 13. If you want to plant banana trees near to the house then always plant it outside of the main gate.
  • 14. Never keep milk open in the kitchen to avoid financial issues due to vaastu.
  • 15. All family members should eat together while sitting at east to maintain unity in the family.
  • 16. Always have food in the kitchen only, if it is not possible then try to put a dining table in kitchen or at least close to the kitchen.
  • 17. To eliminate negative energy from South- East main entrance place silver Swastik & panchmukhi Hanuman at the main door.
  • 18. Don’t keep water in the middle part of the house.
  •  19. Never waste water and milk.
  • 20. Always keep jewellery in red boxes to maintain prosperity also write “Shree” with Kesar Tilak on it.

  • 20. Never keep TV, Computer in the bedroom.
  • 22. For concentration study use table lamp.
  • 23. Head of house or people are earning should use the south west bedroom.
  • 24. Do not keep water/tap on the right side of gas stove.
  • 25. Never keep any deity photos or status in the bedroom.
  • 26. Place watches on the east wall.
  • 27. House with attached toilet should keep windows open for fresh air and light.
  • 28. Keep wardrobe at South-west.
  • 29. Always keep east facing Pooja or meditation room.
  • 30. Never keep toilet in North –East.
  • 31. Never keep office main gate at North-West.
  • 32. Put a big mirror at north for Income.
  • 33. Don’t place many photos in all rooms except drawing room

We know that, without Karma (Action) there are no fruits. But after hard work in life if we are not getting the fruitful returns then, by following Vastushastra we can remove the defects in the structure and enjoy the fruits. 
However, if after removing the defects in the house, we don’t do anything, progress is not possible. Karma needs the help and support of the basic elements, nature and environment. To make changes in our building structure as per Vastushastra is also a sort of work i.e. Karma.

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