About Me

Hi friends i am  'TirthankaR'

and i have been in Astrology and other allied subjects from India for last 25- years.
I have written Column on Astrology Questions and answers and Spiritual Remedies in my Blog,and FACEBOOK
My major interest has been Remedial Lalkitab Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Suitable names for persons or enterprises, Rectification in Astrology,

I have learned and worked in Indian Astrology like Parashar, Astrology  from 1990 to now and from 2001 i started working in western Astrology also which gave me another dimension in my studies.

Beside Astrology from the very beginning i had been interested in other occult sciences also like Numerology, Gem therapy, Color Therapy,Spiritual Remedies 

Whomever approaches me for help in their problems my criteria is that after reading their horoscopes i guide them with some very inexpensive simple remedies of daily life based on the afflicted negative planets and ask to recite some Mantra's or Holy Names of God' for a certain period and certain counting with the help of which has been the specialization of some 'guru's in case of Hindu,and in case if they belong to other religions then i help them with appropriate Planetary Talismans. plus i always recommend Gem Therapy for Benefic but weak Planets in their horoscopes.

In some worst situations i also recommend them some Gem Therapy, Color Therapy, Astro Herbal Medicines and Astro Talismans prepared at specific timings of Planets.

Many people have asked me to help them to find a suitable name for them or their newly born babies, for which i always take help from Vedic - Astrology, and Numerology and am highly satisfied with the positive changes brought in the peoples life.

I have a a huge no of satisfied client-age not only from India but abroad from Europe, America and Canada and have been a imp part to change so many peoples Life’s in positive directions.

A lot of correct predictions have been published in magazines and newspapers by me over the years.

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